Myths and misconceptions about Chinese food

You might have heard a conversation from some people claiming the Chinese food might have some weird things added. Well, here are some of the top myths and misconceptions about the Chinese food.

Dog and Cat meals are on the menu

Yes, there are some restaurants in China that serve dogs and cats as a meal but they are rare. This is because the animal activists in China have gone ahead to protest about the eating of dogs and cats. You can be sure to find some other weird meals on the menu but not domestic animals.

You will get a fortune cookie

It is an American tradition that after taking your meal, you will be given some fortune cookies in the end. This is not a custom in the Chinese restaurants. Once you have been served the meal, all you need to pay and you will be on your way. Some restaurants have tried to include the fortune cookies to appeal to foreigners, but most of them just end up sticking to their traditions.

Staying away from the street food

The street food anywhere in the world does not have the best reputation. Many people would want to stay away from the street foods at all times. In some places in China, things are different. Some vendors have the best clean workplaces that make the food well prepared. In such places, do not hold yourself back to enjoy the different types of food that China has to offer.

Do not drink water in restaurants

Yes, some places in China have a serious problem of getting clean water. However, this does not mean that all the restaurants serve dirty water to its clients. Always eat at a reputable restaurant to avoid cases of having stomach upsets or food poisoning.

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