My History

My History

I started this blog to discuss all the food types that I feel people would want to prepare in their homes and enjoy a healthy meal. There is no doubt that many people are always looking to experience new food types in their life. Sometimes that might not be possible simply because you do not have all the skills necessary to prepare the meals. In such a case, blogs like this one help you explore different dimensions of your favorite food types without limits. Here you will learn many different ways to prepare your food types like never before.

I have always wanted to become a chef when I was still young. You could always find me in the kitchen hanging around my mother trying to learn a few tricks on how to prepare some meals. It was during this early age that I learned to work on different simple meals. I could easily prepare a meal for the whole family when I was in my teenage years. It was evident that all I wanted to do was become a chef. My parents sent me to a culinary arts school for me to become a professional. That is how I became who I am today.

A thought came to me some day that people out there might be impressed with what I can prepare. That is how I decided to form the blog. The response on the blog has been great all the time. Many people are always happy with the new tricks that I share on preparing some food types. For those people who have used my recipes always end up leaving positive reviews on the blog and other famous food consumer sites. For

those people who love to experiment with new food types, watch this blog updates, and you will learn something every day.

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